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The Captive Heart
Evil Irish princess Rhiannon sends villains to abduct her stepcousin Aileen, for whom she harbours an irrational hatred, from the Frankish court in Rouen. In a case of mistaken identity Aileen's daughter Ailenor is captured instead but rescued by Saxon nobleman Garreth who had been at court to investigate the political climate on behalf of King Athelstan, the British king and who has fallen in love with Ailenor. Seeking refuge from their pursuers in Winc...
The Defiant Heart
Ailinn is taken in a viking raid on her Irish home and her captor intends to take her to Byzantium to sell her as a concubine. On their way the vikings stop at Hedeby, the centre of Danish trade, where Lyting Atlison sees Ailinn and decides to protect and rescue her. He joins the viking band on the trip to Byzantium where he is also pledged to investigate a plot to kill the boy emperor....
The Valiant Heart
Vikings have invaded Normandy and have been granted land there. To reinforce their tenure of this land Brienne, the daughter of the Frankish baron who used to hold the land is forced to marry the new viking lord Atli. His son Rurik is enchanted by Brienne but his evil halfbrother Hastein and his jealous mistress Katla both plot thwart the alliance between Rurik and Brienne when Atli dies....