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Lord of the Hunt
Set in early 1200's, Sir Adam Quintin is sent by King Henry to Ravenswood Castle to find a traitor. Ravenswood once belonged to his family, but his father was banished and the Castle taken from them. In return, for discovering the traitor, Adam (who really is Adrian de Marle the true heir to Ravenswood) wants Ravenwood returned to his family. He gathers at Ravenswood at a tournament with the winner being offered Ravenswood Castle, the honour and lady Mat...
Lord of the Keep
Gilles first meets Emma when her uncle drags her before his castle court to be judged impure because she is pregnant (with Gilles illegitimate son though he does not know this because Emma refuses to name the father of her child). Gilles admires her pride despite the uncle's humiliation and rules to help her. Two years later, they meet again when the hunts dogs try to attack her and her babe (his grandson). He takes her into the keep and as his mistress....
Virtual Warrior
Lovespell, Jul 2002, 5.99, 384 pp. ISBN: 0505524929 Neil Scott and Gwen Marlowe own Virtual Heaven, a video game shop in Ocean City, New Jersey. Neil is bored with life and thinks of entering the latest virtual reality game Tolemac Wars III. His partner pleads with him to reconsider as she previously entered that barbaric realm and barely made it back alive even with a warrior husband in tow. However, Neil does not care about his present lif...