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Blessings by Anna Quindlen, Random House, 226 pages AQ weaves an interesting story about a place (the house is called Blessings after the family that has lived there), about the old way of life, about how it clashes with the new way. The novel begins with a child left in the doorstep in the middle of the night and found in the morning and what ensues. Readers of Quindlen will recognize her characteristic graceful prose, keen power of observation and an ...
One True Thing
Ellen, a successful magazine writer living in New York City, is happy with her job and her life. However, when Ellen's mother gets cancer and doesn't have long to live, Ellen's father asks Ellen to come home and care for her mother. When Ellen suggests hiring a nurse, Ellen's father tells her that she has no heart. Ellen moves back home to please her father. When her mother realizes she has moved back home, she is horrified that Ellen gave up her job...