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Agnes Grey
Agnes Grey is a young woman living in northern England. Her family becomes increasingly impoverished after her father loses some money in an ill-advised investment and becomes ill as a result. Agnes, her sister, and her mother all try to keep expenses low and to bring in extra money, but Agnes is frustrated that everyone treats her like a child. To prove herself and to earn money, she is determined to get a position as a governess, teaching children of...
The Tenant of Wildfell Hall
Overshadowed by her two more famous sisters, Anne Bronte proves herself an excellent and determined writer in this feminist novel which caused a scandal when it was first released. Helen 'Grahm' is a young woman who changes her identity when she flees from her alcholic husband who's been leading a life of debauchery. Her new neighbor, Gilbert Markham, is terribly fascinated with Helen, but his amorous pursuits are in vain. That is, until, Helen...