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Silver's Edge
Luna, June 2004, 13.95, 400 pp. ISBN 0373802072 The goblins ate human and Sidhe flesh before being banished to the Wastelands. They are prevented from leaving by the Silver Caul, which was made by a mortal silversmith with fairy magic. Goblins were not seen in the realm of man or Fairy for centuries until one washed ashore on the land of man on the same day that Neesa's father, the town's silversmith, disappeared. Determined to find him, Neesa ...
The Ghost & Katie Coyle
Katie Coyle takes a teaching position at East Bay and finds herself embroiled in the cutthroat politics of Academia. She meets Alistair Proser, a stormy academic of questionable repute, who is applying for the Sean Seamus Clancy Award, an award Katie also covets. Proser tries to court Katie until he discovers that she is writing a rival paper on the missing Earl of Kilmartin, who disappeared without a trace in 1799. Proser intends to annihilate his ch...
The Highwayman
Jove, Oct 2001, 5.99,400pp. ISBN:0515131148 Irish aristocrat Lord Edmund Neville Fitzgerald wears a mask to cover a scar that mars his visage. However, at night he wears a mask, stealing money from his peers and giving it back to the poor like a Robin Hood hero. The local aristocracy loathes Gentleman Niall. In a card game with Lord Wentworth, Neville wins the Kilmara estate, but must marry his opponent's daughter Elizabeth, to whom the l...