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Entering Normal
Anne D. LeClaire Ballantine, June 2001, 24.00, 282 pp. ISBN: 0345445724 Five years has passed since Todd died and Rose Nelson waits every minute she breathes for a sign from her son. Rose remains in a constant of grief and disbelief since the accident took her child's life. Her relationship with her spouse Ned has never recovered from the stunning tragedy. Opal Gates and her five year old son Zack has moved next door to Rose after fle...
The Law Of Bound Hearts
Libby and Sam were inseparable, but all that changed one day when Libby did something to Sam that was unforgivable. Now, six years later, Libby is suffering from kidney failure and needs to find a donor and does not want to ask her sister Sam for help. As the story unfolds, we gradually learn a bit about each woman, where they are in their lives now, and what they are thinking and feeling. We also discover what transpired to bring them to this point in ...