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Billionaire Bachelors - Stone
Stone Lachlan's mother and owner of Smythe Corporation is giving the company to Stone in one condition: that he marries and live with the girl for 1 year. Stone is surprised by the deal but because he wants the company so bad he is willing to marry a woman. He finds the perfect candidate in Faith Harrell. Faith and her mother has been his ward for almost ten years now. When both of their fathers died, Faith's mother beg him to be their guardian for she c...
The Pregnant Princess
Elizabeth is one of the three Princesses of Wyndborough who is the focus of this series, along with her missing brother. While at a charity ball she meets the eyes of a dashing man across the room and is instantly drawn to him. She is so taken with him she looses her virginity to him, before he disappears the next morning. Soon she figures out that she is pregnant and on the advice of her sister she takes the business card that was left behind and ...