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Don't Blame the Children
Todd Macon is a student at Tyler High, a typical school where things are anything but typical. When the class clown disappears, it seems as though foul play has befallen him and Todd, due to his disdain for class disrupters, becomes a prime suspect in Ross's vanishing. Todd has issues with Alec, Mike, and Dee, three fellow teens that go out of their way to disrupt their respective classes. Todd's close friend Kathy does her best to find out the myste...
When A Hero Dies
High school track star Tony Gibbs grieves for the death of his friend, Hiram Jefferson, an elderly shopkeeper that served as Tony's mentor, coach, and confidant. Tony has to deal with his loss as well as his burgeoning feelings for a fellow female classmate. Compounding his personal struggle is the fact that there is competition for the affections of the young lady from a rival who is also an accomplished runner. Tony becomes obsessed with discove...