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Murder Me Now
Mysterious, Jan 2001, 290 pp. ISBN: 0892966955 In the 1920s in lower Manhattan, Olivia Brown lives life to the fullest. She enjoys living in the Village as a poet, loves to make love, and relishes assisting her neighbor, private investigator Harry Melville, with his cases. Olivia travels to Croton up the Hudson from her home to attend a party that she feels will include literary peers and plenty of illegal booze. However, instead of ...
Five Star, Mar 2004, 25.95, 298 pp. ISBN: 1410401871 In 1936 many Europeans flee to America where they hope to make money to bring loved ones over. In New York City, former Polish medical student Nathan Ebanholz left behind his wife and baby in the old country so that he could earn money for their passage. He accepted an orderly job at Willard Parker Hospital where he met Nurse Stella Zweikel. Though he feels guilty, he has sex with Stella, wh...