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Discovering Brides
An Indian-American anthropologist, with a family background of polygamy and himself a product of a pre-arranged marriage, sets out to perpetuate tradition and find the perfect bride for his U.S.-born lawyer son, and in so doing revives in himself bittersweet memories. Vivid description of abuse, greed, rape, and unbridled cruelty, amid counter-cultural tradition and philosophy penetrate the pages of this thought provoking, educational,and entertaining no...
The Second Highest World War: The Rama Theater
A history writer interested in India's role in the Second World War unexpectedly gets a manuscript from a WWII colonel. Chander, the colonel's U.S.-educated journalist son, wrote it at the request of his American wife, Kristi. It remains unpublished due to the couple's accidental death. The manuscript reveals that young Chander lived with his mother in a Himalayan village, while his father was fighting in WWII. Chander recounts intriguing experiences of ...