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Bread Givers
At the start of this novel, Sara Smolinsky is an immigrant child growing up on New York's lower east side with her parents and 3 sisters. Nicknamed “Blut und Isen” (Blood and Iron) by her father, she is strong-willed and determined to help ease the family's poverty stricken status. She collects coal ashes for heat and sells mackerel for 2 cents each. She longs for a better life, one where money and hunger is not the main issue of her life. As she ...
Salome of the Tenements
This classic novel chronicles a Jewish-American immigrant experience in the early twentieth century. The main character is Sonya, a Russian Jewish immigrant. She sets her sights on marrying John Manning, a philanthropic American millionaire who works with immigrants in the tenements. Sonya pulls out all stops to mask her identity and court the millionaire. Manning is captivated by the mystery of the woman, and they marry. Upon marrying one another, ho...