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Maryanne and her friends take in a man from London after they lose a friend to AIDS complications. Mary Anne is a self-centered woman. Her husband Brian loves her to pieces, but he has issues with her job and limited availability. She works as a newscaster and can be called in to get a story at any time which often trumps the couple has in place. Brian has a bit of an anger management problem that limits his ability to keep a job as a cook. He really wa...
The Night Listener
Gabriel Noone is a radio jockey who hosts the late night show a the public radio. He digs out stories from his own life to tell on his show and people like the reality to his problems. He plays a character that is gay and struggling with a crumbling relationship. The book portrays the difficulties in his life caused by many different aspects of it. He is feeling very helpless because the man he loves and has been with for ten years, Jess is movi...