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Captain Alatriste
This book is the story of Captain Alatriste, a swordsman and bounty hunter in Madrid, Spain in the early 17th-century. The Captain returns from fighting in Flanders to eke out a leaving as a sword for hire. He lives above a pub and takes care of a teenage boy, Inigo, who narrates the story. On an assignment to rough up a couple of travelers, Alatriste finds himself involved in royal plot when it turns out that the travelers are actually the Prince of Eng...
The Fencing Master
The Nautical Chart
Coy, a sailor down on his luck meet Tanger Soto, a mysterious scholar who needs him to help search for a shipwreck. He falls for Tanger and ends up involved in a search for the ship and a treasure that may or may not be on board. A romance develops even as Coy learns that Tanger may be using him for his ability to navigate in dangerous waters. This story is set in Spain and contains lots of Spanish history....