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Atlantic Bridge, 2003 ISBN: 1931761744 Needing to pay off her medical school bills, wannabe genetics research scientist Dr. Bridget O'Keefe signs a three contract to work at the Well Baby Clinic in Lacrimas, North Carolina. Lilith Harker takes the newcomer under her wing, providing Bridget with a guard dog and introducing the doctor to her family. That is part of her kin as she fails to present one of her two brothers, Nathaniel, who hides in p...
Down Came a Blackbird
Atlantic Bridge, 2001, 264 pages ISBN: 1931761043 Cait O'Keefe is the ultimate half-breed of literally star-crossed lovers. Her father was a Sidhe, a race that comes from a devastated planet. Her mother Briget O Keefes is a bigamist in earth terms having two husbands Nathanial & Shiloh Harker at the same time with both living with her, but that is the way of much of the Sidhe, who the natives have called fairies or leprechauns, etc. Being an e...
The Huntress
The Huntress by Barbara Karmazin Liquid Silver Books, 2004 ISBN 1-931761-84-1 The Huntress is an erotic science fiction romance with a unique alien hero. Rulagh is an exo-biologist who works for the Interstellar Humane Society. He has discovered that tourists visiting a banned world called Earth have lost six pets. These creatures are dangerous to Rulagh's species, and could be devastating to the ecology of Earth. When he reports his findings, he i...