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A Piece of Heaven
Ballantine, Feb 2003, 23.95, 336 pp. ISBN 0345445678 Luna McGraw lost custody of her daughter when her husband took her to court with proof that she was an unfit mother because of her drinking. After four years of out of control alcoholic binging, she hit rock bottom and finally entered rehab. Now she is four years sober and her ex-husband has transferred custody of their daughter Joy to her. Luna looks on this as a second chance to be the mot...
No Place Like Home
Ballantine, Jan 2002, 23.95, 320 pp. ISBN: 0345445651 As a teen over two decades ago, Jewel Sabatino fled her Pueblo, Colorado home never looking back over the years. However, the Greenwich Village resident knows that it is time to go home. So Jewel, her teenage son Shane, and her dying best friend Michael Shaunessey return to her hometown not sure of the welcome she will receive. In Pueblo, Jewel is back in the fold of her Italian f...
The Goddesses of Kitchen Avenue
Ballantine, Feb 2004, 23.95 ISBN:0345445694 In Pueblo, Colorado after two decades of marriage, forty-six years old Trudy just separated from her husband Rick, who has a younger model. Her next door neighbor Roberta Williams just lost her spouse Edgar of over six decades as he recently died. Another neighbor Shandelle is a wannabe author raising two children and a husband who wants her to forget her writing foolishness. Her granddaughter thirty...