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An Affair of Egypt
Five Star, Jan 2004, 26.95, 254 pp. ISBN: 1594140995 In 1939 Atlanta Journal reporter Alex Fraser inherits the family home in Thebes, Georgia. There he finds a stack of love letters from Cairo addressed to his deceased mother, but not written by his father. When the American Newspaper Consortium, anticipating the war and the increased value of the Suez Canal, offers him their new post in Cairo Alex accepts, seeing this as an opportunity to lear...
The Way Upcountry
Five Star, Sep 2002, 26.95, 315 pp. ISBN: 0786244070 In 1864, Joel Devereux returns from Barcelona to Georgia having spent the Civil War overseas. Joel knows his family, especially the patriarch Auguste loathes him for writing an article on emancipating the slaves. Carrying plenty of guilt for exchanging jobs with his sibling who died in combat in his place, Joel looks forward to seeing his beloved “wife” Susannah Goode and formally marrying he...