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Kensington, Feb 2001, 14.00, 384 pp. ISBN: 1575666405 In 1650 forces loyal to Cromwell win the Civil War and Autumn Leslie's beloved father dies in battle in support of Charles. Autumn, accompanied by her mother Jasmine, flees to her half-brother's estate, but when the Roundheads kill her sister-in-law in cold blood, the two Leslie women flee to the family estate in France. In France, Sebastian d'Oleron courts Autumn, earns her love, ...
The Duchess
Bertrice Small Ballantine, Jul 2001, 14.50, 384 pp. ISBN: 0345434358 In 1794 England, Quinton Hunter, the Duke of Sedgewick, realizes he must marry a moneyed spouse to overcome the fact that his ancestors married for love and enjoyed gambling. Considered by the Ton as the bluest blood in England, Quinton selects the daughter of the nation's richest man, Allegra Morgan, as the obvious target of his affections. Allegra agreess to marry Q...
The Love Slave
A fiery Celtic beauty, Regan is abducted to exotic lands and delivered to Karim al Malina, master of the exotic arts, who will mold her into a Love Slave fit for a Moorish king. Under Karim's tutelage, Regan- now called Zaynab, "the beautiful one"- is swept into uncharted reaches of ectasy. But the pair break the first rule of teacher and pupil when they fall in love. Now as Zaynab fulfills her destiny as the adored prize of the Caliph of Cordoba, she...