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The Dressmaker's Dummy
Recently divorced and unemployed, Rose moves back to her hometown. Her dream is to open a vintage clothing store and to silence her snide inner-voice she refers to Smart Ass. In misguided attempts to distract herself from much wanted and much feared personal growth, she numbs herself with alcohol and recreational sex with a hobo, a redneck and a schizophrenic teenager. Rose lashes out at her parents, for she thinks she inherited her inability to communic...
The Universal Solvent
Rusty has the chance to solve the global water crisis. Obstructed by corrupt officials, an unethical boss, and a woman he's trying not to love, Rusty, an unlikely hero with a murky past and bruised heart, faces a moral watershed. Rusty spends his time urging a retired scientist to revive a water purification system. Plus, he tries to sidestep his boss, get reluctant fellow workers to cooperate, and avoid goons who profit through withholding pure w...