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Shoot the Moon
Warner, July 2004, 24.00, 333 pp. ISBN 0446529001 In 1972 DeClare, Oklahoma, eighteen-year-old Gaylene Harjo was stabbed to death in her trailer and her month old son Nicky Jack disappeared. For weeks the town was looking for him but the only trace of him were the pajama bottoms near the creek. The sheriff O Boy Daniels arrested someone for the murder of Gaylene and her son but many people thought he went after the wrong man, who died in prison...
The Honk and Holler Opening Soon
Wheelchair-bound Caney Paxton owns a cafe - the Honk and Holler - way out in the middle of nowhere, in eastern Oklahoma. He's got great friends and customers, including the old Molly O. and Bui Khanh, a Vietnamese immigrant who's living for the day his beloved Nguyet comes to the United States, too. It's when Vena Takes Horse, a Crow woman who's in her midthirties, arrives at Caney's door that his life begins to get interesting. She shows up with a st...
Where the Heart Is
Novalee Nation is unlucky. At 17 years old, she is 7 months pregnant, and finds herself stranded at an Oklahoma Wal-mart after her mean-spirited Napoleonic jerk of a boyfriend left her there on thier way to California. Luckily for Novalee, he left her in the right town. Despite being young, homeless and preggers, Novalee is a charismatic and charming young woman. After a rough delivery on the floor of the Wal-mart, and the not unexpected betrayal b...