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Second Touch
Bodie and Brock Thoene Tyndale, Mar 2004, 22.99, 357 pp. ISBN: 0842375090 Mama suspected and when Lily turned twelve knew that her little darling suffered from tsara'at though papa remained in denial. Lily like all lepers is pronounced dead by her family and her villagers. She is forced to leave to live in exile in the Valley of Sorrows where all the lepers reside until they die. Six years has passed since Lily stumbled into the Valley scared...
Vienna Prelude
Elisa Lindheim is a violinist with the Vienna Philharmoni Orchestra, who adopts an Aryan stage name for protection. All seems right in the world, until Nazi darkness descends upon Europe. There are those who choose to fight Hitler's madness, Elisa's father Theo. A courageous American reporter, John Murphy. Winston Churchill, the British statesman. A farm family in the Tyrolean Alps. The Jewish Underground. No one is who they say and nothing is what it se...