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The Cobra and the Concubine
Badra is a concubine to an Arab warlord. One night, the warlord is attacked by the Khasmin "The Warriors of the Wind." Badra has been raped brutally by her master and seeks to escape from him. She follows the Khasmin leader in the hope that he will take her from her master. She is reluctant to go so Jabari asks his brother Khepri to help Badra. Badra is to be Jabari's concubine but he soon realizes that she has been raped for many years. He appoints Khe...
The Falcon and the Dove
Leisure, Nov 2002, 5.99 ISBN: 084395132X In 1892, American Elizabeth Summers accompanies her uncle on his archaeological dig in Egypt to find a special artifact, the Almha. Though Elizabeth wants to be at the excavation site, as a woman she is only capable of cataloguing the findings. As his ancestors have done, Sheik Jabari and his desert warriors pledged to keep the Almha safe from infidels. They monitor the progress of the outsiders. Jab...
The Tiger and Tomb
Leisure, Dec 2003, 5.99, 352 pp. ISBN: 0843952997 In 1893 Lady Katherine Smithfield travels to Egypt where she is to fulfill her late mother's death bed wish that she marries a family friend, Nazim. Katherine is not too happy with this arrangement, but besides honoring her deceased mother she rationalizes that it is not like she has any other prospects ever since an accident scarred her visage. However, her father is in trouble and if Katheri...