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Alice Adams
Young and beautiful Alice Adams comes from a poor family, but she thinks herself clever and has ambitions of marrying a wealthy man or finding a career on the stage. She meets the socially prominent Arthur Russell and they fall in love. Afraid of his possible reaction, she schemes to keep Arthur from meeting her family, but eventually he does meet them at a dinner party an their relationship is ruined. The nagging ambitions of Alice's mother get her...
The Magnificent Ambersons
George Amberson Minafer is used to getting everything he wants. Spoiled terribly by mother Isabel, young George is only concerned with his own appearance and having a relationship with Lucy Morgan, a young though sensible debutant. The Minafers continue to befriend the Morgans, although gossip around the town suggests that Isabel and Lucy's father are intimate. Always vain, he sabotages his widowed mother's growing affections for Lucy's father, and in...