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Path of the Assassin
The hunt that began in the debut novel “The Lions of Lucerne” for the terrorists who attacked the President and his family continues in this sequel. With the President and his family safe once again, Secret Service Agent Scot Harvath's mission is to find all those responsible for the plot. The final suspect of the Swiss mercenary team known as the Lions of Lucerne is expected to appear at the Macua Place Casino, a very old and still floating double-decke...
State Of The Union
This third thriller novel from author Brad Thor picks up shortly after events depicted in “Path Of The Assassin” and once again Scot Harvath is quickly involved in the danger. At President Jack Rutledge's personal request, Agent Harvath moved from the Secret Service to a new position within the newly created “Office of International Investigative Assistance” which is part of the ever increasing Department of Homeland Security. The innocuous title hides t...
The Lions Of Lucerne
The President of the United States is kidnapped while vacationing in the Snow Mountains of Utah. Every Secret Service agent involved with the protective detail is killed... except for the hero, Scot Harvath! The kidnappers involved in this devious plot include, several government officials, billionaire tycoon, and highly skilled Swiss mercenaries. Due to agent Harvath's superior intelligence, he is the only one that can bring the president back, while...