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Siblings Kendra and Seth discover that their grandfather is hiding magical creatures on his farm. Siblings Kendra and Seth Sorenson have to spend a month at their Grandpa Stan's farm while their parents go on vacation. They live in a playroom in the attic with a hen named Goldilocks. They're allowed to swim in the pool and play in the garden, but they can't enter the barn or the mysterious woods. The reckless Seth gets bored and decides to explore. In th...
Rise of the Evening Star - Fablehaven 2
Kendra and Seth Sorenson have to find a hidden artifact in the Fablehaven preserve. Kendra is back at school after her adventures at Fablehaven, and one of her classmates is a goblin. With the help of the mysterious Errol Fisk, Kendra and her younger brother Seth steal a gold frog statue and use it to chase the goblin away. But when their grandfather calls they find out that Fisk recruited them under false pretenses and the statue is actually a demon cal...