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A group of people who live on Deucalion, a new planet, attempt to overthrow the President who rigged his election. The Elokoi, the aliens, are being denied their homeland, and had been used in genetic experiments on 'Old Earth', which produced the Children of Icarus - people capable of telepathy but with reduced life spans....
Only the Heart
This story focuses on the Vo family's fight for freedom from Vietnam. The family leave behind everything, pursuing a dangerous route to escape the devastated ruins of their homeland and the corruption they see taking over. ...
The View From Ararat
It's 100 years after the events of Deucalion, and the people who live on this planet have to deal with a new obsticle; a mysterious disease. It literally turns people to stone, and is passed on through contact between people and objects - touching an infected object will give you the 'Crystal Death'. This is about a quest to find a cure for it, before it's too late......