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Kings of Many Castles
Dunne, Dec 2002, 24.95, ISBN: 0312304129 MI5 Agent Charlie Muffin is currently assigned to Moscow where he serendipitously resides secretly with Russian intelligence official Natalia Fedova. Natalia and Charlie quietly raise their child together though both seem edgy and nervous as their professional work interferes with their relationship. However, problems begin when the Russian president and the American First lady are critically wounded....
The Watchmen
Dunne, Mar 2002, 25.95, 419 pp. ISBN: 0312242743 The rocket is fired from the nearby East River striking the UN Building in the China sector, killing a few workers by its impact though the explosion did not occurr. However, the bomb detonation experts realize that the warhead contains biological poisons and is leaking so that any person who has already come in contact will be dead shortly. Though the lettering on the warhead is Russian, the...
Triple Cross
Dunne, Mar 2004, 23.95, 320 pp. ISBN: 0312315511 The soul of Moscow Crime Bureau Chief Dimitri Danilov is filled with vengeance as he desperately needs to kill Igor Gavrilovich Orlov for murdering his lover. At about the same time while Dimitri thirsts in frustration, insane yet brilliant Orlov begins his plan of a hostile takeover of his business rivals, the Italian and American mafias with his goal being king of kings of an international corpo...