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Dune: House Corrino
DUNE: HOUSE CORRINO Bantam, Oct 2001, 27.95, 496 pp. ISBN: 0553110845 Emperor Shaddam Corrino sees his plan to become the sole ruler of the Million Worlds nearing fruition on the planet Ix. Shaddam may be a maniac, but his plot is rather simplistic yet with a high probability of success. To achieve his goal, he has researchers using slave labor to invent and subsequently produce Amal, a synthetic spice to replace that found on Dune. ...
Dune: House Atreides
Leto Atreides tries to get the Vernius House back to power. Fights a great conspiracy from House Harkonnen. Shaddam IV kills Elrood IX....
Dune: The Battle of Corrin
Tor, Aug 2004, 27.95, 624 pp. ISBN: 0765301598 The century long war between the human Army of the Jihad and the thinking machine robots of the Synchronized Empire has gone surprisingly well for the carbon based people. Machine leader Ominius concludes that if current trends continue the humans will prove victorious as they keep recruiting new members with ease. Ominus needs a new weapon of mass destruction to change the tide so he introduces pl...