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Oscar Valparaiso lives in a USA blown to pieces by corrupt politicians and cyberpunk and biotech technologies gone wild. Oscar and his brilliant nobel laureate girlfiend and the President of the US won't be defeated. As a new science is born, a battle rages for it's soul between a power crazed governor, the President, scientists, and militant drifters. ...
The Zenith Angle
Del Rey, May 2004, 24.95, 320 pp. ISBN 034546018 Derek Vandeveer is the vice president of research and development at Mondiale in Merwinster New Jersey making a fabulous salary, living in a mini mansion most people would envy and married to an astrophysicist who is his intellectual equal. Van is a very contented person, but that all changes on Sept 11, 2001 when he realizes his priorities need to change. The Federal government recruits him to w...