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The Gunsmith: In the Service of the Queen
Amber Quill, 2003, 230 pp. ISBN: 1592798748 In Spokane, Washington Boothenay Irons is a chip off the old block as like her father she is a talented modern-day gunsmith. However, sometimes when she touches an old weapon she goes back to the time of the gun residing in the body of someone from that era. Caleb Deane visits the Irons family with an 1810 blunderbuss. He and Boothenay touch the gun at the same time and the twosome are transported ...
The Prince's Cousin
Amber Quill, 2003, 170 pp. ISBN: 15927989777 A year has passed since the assassin murdered King Jaynor and his widow now hosts a birthday bash for their preadolescent son Rhian more to impress her potential consorts. However, during the gala, to force Queen Maevelene of Dragos to marry him, Boswell Flamewright sends mercenaries led by Shade to abduct the honoree Prince Rhian. Also kidnapped at the same time is Rhian's older cousin Tomasella Ica...