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Gryphon's Quest
ImaJinn, Mar 2002, 11.50, 199 pp. ISBN: 1893896722 In her capacity as the protector of a secretive magical order, the Sorceress of the Ancients worries that someone stole three rune stones that enable the owner to shape shift. She directs Druid Warrior, Gryphon O'Connor to retrieve the stones before someone learns of their power and consequently enable humanity to learn about their order clandestinely living amongst mankind. Gryphon j...
The Gazing Globe
ImaJinn, Sept 2002, 12.00, 238 pp. ISBN 189389682x Alone in the world except for his Uncle Hugh, Blain McTavsh is happy to work his farm and date the beautiful city slicker from New York Rhiannon. The only problem he has is intermittent feelings of weakness particularly when he's indoors. Hugh, who knows Blain's background thinks he knows the causes and he calls the one person powerful enough to combat what Blain is fighting. Druid Sorceress S...