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Dr. Erin Tyler moves to New York City to take a job at an internal medicine clinic in Brooklyn. She is exhilarated with this new chapter in her life. An English rock musician boyfriend, a loving sister and brother-in-law living close-by, and with the excitement only New York City can provide, it seems like she has it all. Unknown to Erin, a rapist is on the loose in New York City. Under a charming and intelligent guise, he is drugging woman with the...
The Incentive
Dr. Erin Tyler returns to Michigan from California for the wedding of her sister, Lisa, to a guitarist in an English rock band. She has also come back to work with her father, Dr. Rich Tyler, at a managed care organization called Triangle Health Care. Erin finds herself in a conspiracy involving a group of disgruntled physicians that range from the chief medical officer of Triangle Health Care to a cardiovascular surgeon and cardiologist at a superi...