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The Lesson
This is a wonderful book for readers young and old. We follow Robert from his first day in school in Kindergarten to throughout his entire life! Robert beams with pride when the teacher first gives him a problem to solve and he solves it correctly. Yet as Robert matures, the problems keep coming, some easy and some not so easy. Some he can't wait to solve, while others he would prefer for them to go away so that he does not have to solve them. We all...
The Modern Magi: A Christmas Fable
The Modern Magi, A Christmas Fable, is a most wonderful, delightful little book, on living the true meaning of Christmas, the whole year through. Carol Lynn Pearson brings home this meaning poignantly, simply, and beautifully through the character of Annabelle Perkins. Annabelle will touch your heart and maybe even spur you on, to perform your own selfless Christmas miracle(s). Even though the ending was predictable early on, this, in no way whatsoev...