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Understudy Doherty, Jun 2003, 25.95, 384 pp. ISBN: 0765306557 Actress Robin Mulcahey is rising to the top of her profession at a rapid pace. However, there is one problem with the ascension. Robin died in a car crash in 1998. Her best friend Amy Shiley was near death in the same crash that severely disfigured both bodies beyond recognition. When Robin wore her pendant, everyone concluded that Amy died. By the time she gained enough of her hea...
East Of The Sun, West Of The Moon
Forge, August 2001, 400 pp. ISBN 0765300796 Leigh is married to a senior congressman. They have three beautiful children and a fantastic home in Virginia. Yet Leigh is totally miserable. Her husband is always on the run and never has time for her. The little time they spend together is celibate because he's impotent at least with her. Her esteem has sunk to an all time low when a postgraduate exchange student from Denmark stays with them...