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Coming Back to Me
Gary is a young man who wants a family. Orphaned as a baby and raised by an elderly aunt who passes away, as a young adult he is left alone in the world. Good looking and nice enough to date often, he cannot find his love buddy and is envious of his friends who have started families. One day he finally sees Molly, sitting alone in a New Jersey diner, reading and being comfortable in her own skin. Gary falls in love. Molly is a young teacher who onl...
Is This Tomorrow
The story begins in 1956, a time when neighbors would judge a divorced woman. So it is with Ava Lark, a Jewish divorcee, who rents a house in Waltham, Massachusetts and tries to be the best mother she can be to her twelve-year old son, Lewis. But in order to keep her job, she must stay the long hours her boss demands, which makes her worry about her son. This concern grows when one of her son's friends suddenly goes missing, which changes the dynamic of ...