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Tavish O'Leary rode silently toward the wagon train. As he came closer, he noticed a woman sitting near the tree. Thinking she was dead, Tavish cautiously picked his way to the outskirts of the wagon train circle. There was no way he wanted to be involved if the entire train had been killed. Then he heard the sounds. Feminine voices carried through the night. Still he needed to check and see if this one lived. Deep in his mind, Tavish could not believe s...
There was no way Hoyt was ever going to doctor anyone or anything again. The last time he did, he killed his beloved wife, child, and his brother. He was done with that business. At least he was until Patty O'Leary showed up. Patty needed a doctor. So he headed away from the bridal wagon train toward Fort Laramie praying they would have a doctor on staff. Unfortunately, the last doctor quit practicing. Not due to his ability. Rather, it was due to ...
His time on earth was nearly over. Jake Dulan had been disappointed time and again with is choice of wives. They had a bad habit of birthing girls and dying. Frustrated and determined to move on with his life, Jake started taking wagon trains to the promised land with his partner, Hank Gibson. But now that life was short, Jake decided it was time to summon his daughters. He wanted to speak with them one last time. However, they arrived in time for his fu...