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Forget Me Not
ISBN 0-373-22449-4 pp. 250 When Grant Richardson, a rescue ranger turned resort-owner failed to rescue Rachel Evanston who perished in the fire at Pinedale, he was overwhelmed with guilt and became emotionally and physically unavailable. He had withdrawn from his wife Susan no matter how hard she tried to reach him. He was distant, often uncaring and a workaholic, a stranger to her. Susan had crumbled, picked up the pieces and left him and now, they ...
The Safe Hostage
Carrie Lamb and two friends were in a meeting when the bank was held up and Carrie taken hostage by Ryan Dallas. Ryan was an undercover Secret Service Agent. While trying to get away and release Carrie, Ryan discovered that not only had his cover been broken, someone had reported him deceased and he had no contacts left in the Secret Service. Carrie was in hiding from an abusive ex-husband and agreed to become Ryan's partner until his identiy was re...