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The Story Of Jane (Biography)
THE STORY OF JANE Simon & Schuster, Sep 2001, 25.00, 304 pp. ISBN: 0743202996 Disturbed over a recent death, New England Professor Jane Cook steps out of her apartment to see the package on the floor next to the Times. She picks it up noticing the fountain pen ink used on the mailing address. She figures it came from Alex though there is no return address. However, Jane quickly realizes that the package was sent from New York five days ago ...
The Story of Jane (Literature)
Jane Cook, a thirtyish, unmarried, non-tenured professor of French Literature at a prestigeous New England University, opens her door one morning to find a package wrapped in brown paper, hand-addressed to her in ink, with no return address. Thinking she knows who sent it to her, she opens it to find a manuscript entitled: The Story of Jane. With her curiosity more than a bit piqued, she sits down and begins reading about herself in so much detail th...