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Shadow Crossing
Love Spell, Apr 2003, 5.99, 368 pp. ISBN: 0505525240 When she relocated to a different quadrant, Celie Cameron gave up her successful smuggling career to go straight. Her plan is to ship only legal cargo. Her latest shipment is to Joba, but upon landing at the settlement, Celie discovers that nineteen years old Raven McKnight, the daughter of her friends, has stowed away on her vessel. Celie accompanied by Raven is completing the transaction...
Shadow Fires
Love Spell, February 2004, 5.99, 352 pp. ISBN: 0505525259 Ruling Comdar of Saura Arion rejects Shielder Jarek san Ranul's offer of Irridon. Instead, Arion loathingly barters for a mate among the outsiders. His Leor race is in trouble due to inbreeding among the small population and biologically minuscule fertile cycles of their females that if continues unabated means extinction in the near future. Thus Arion like others seeks a non Leor bride...
Nessa dan Ranul is a Shielder. In the vast galactic world ruled by the horrible Controllers, the Shielders have become their mission to destroy. Now Shielder must live in remote colonies, hidden away from the dark Controllers lest their kind be exterminated. And because of these dire times, weak Shielders cannot be tolerated within the colonies. Nessa is one such Shielder. Suffering from seizures and a gimpy leg, she has been shunned from her family an...