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A Cold Christmas
St. Martin's, Dec 2001, 23.95, 272 pp. ISBN: 0312269315 In Hampstead, Kansas, this winter's weather is so brutally arctic that old timers believe it is the coldest ever. Police chief Susan Wren prays that the adverse weather keeps major crime down to zero because half of her staff suffers from the flue (non-blue variety). However, her hopes are quickly dashed when furnace repairer Tim Holiday is found burned beyond recognition in Call...
The Winter Widow
Susan Donovan , a cynical San Francisco cop, probably didn't believe in love at first sight - until she happened to meet Daniel Wren at a police convention. The two wed quickly, and Susan makes the difficult decision to leave S.F. and move to Hampstead, Kansas, the small town where Daniel is the Chief of Police. About six weeks later, Daniel is felled by a sniper's bullet. Suddenly widowed, alone in a new place and in the mood for revenge and closure,...
Up In Smoke
Dunne, Nov 2002, 23.95, 272 pp. ISBN 031231020x Governor Jack Garrett is one of the several Democratic Candidates running for the office of President. Twenty years ago, he was a smoke jumper whose bravery saved three men in an out of control forest fire on Pale Horse Mountain in Montana. His friend since childhood Wakely Fromm was severally injured in that fire leading to his being wheelchair bound. For the past two decades Jack has taken care...