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Standards Left Ragged
In this sequel to THE LOYALIST'S SON, Phillip Fairaday becomes a yankee privateer to attack English shipping inside the Chesapeake Bay. He has little luck at this, however, and the lack of success begins to raise muttterings of mutiny on board the small privateer sloop JAVELIN. When they fall in with the British frigate ROEBUCK, Captain Fairaday runs for shoal water to avoid capture. As night falls the ROEBUCK sends in a cutting out party which successfu...
The Broken Sword: A Novel of the American War for Independence at Sea
In the early autumn of 1775, the Virginia Tidewater was a turbulent and chaotic territory. Loyalties were very far from being decided. Many Virginians still entertained hopes for a peaceful reconciliation with King George III. Jack Cunningham is a man marked by these deeply divided loyalties. This historical novel is set in the beginning of the American Revolution and follows Jack Cunningham, a sailor, through the bloody years of the Revolution as ...
The Loyalist's Son
Phillip Fairaday is a young schooner captain at the beginning of the American Revolution. He comes from a distinguished family of Virginia merchants in Norfolk, Virginia. As war breaks out he is faced with the loyalty he feels for his homeland and service in the English militia. Along with his brother, Elias, Phillip is persuaded to join the British militia leading freed slaves against the rebel Virginia forces. After the disastrous battle of Great Bridg...