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Deep Sleep
St. Martin's, Feb 2001, 24.95, 320 pp. ISBN: 0312266960 The South Louisiana Sleep Disorders Institute is located near the famous bayous. It is not your typical sleep disorder clinic. Instead, the place caters to customers desiring to live out their fantasies in a dream state. Though weird by local standards, the clinic had no incidents until the night three people died there. The owner, psychologist Dr. Sasha Dominique, has her own history as...
Game Plan
A government sponsored research to improve human intelligence is underway at a remote site in Montana. Computer chips are implanted into the human brain to artificially improve intelligence. The volunteers are convicts serving their long sentences in jail. The experiment is a success. But the convicts escape, destroying the undergroung facility. Few years later, in Missisipi, a doctor is murdered in broad daylight at his research center. Young doctor ...