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Jackson Park
Ballantine, August 2003, 32.95, 224 pp. ISBN 0345447824 Her mother abandoned Cassandra to her grandmother, who did her duty but had no love to give to the young child. When her grandmother died, her great-uncle Woody and his wife Ivy took her in and treated her like the child they wanted but could never have. The Isle's took Cassandra out of the ghetto that was Forest Street and moved her into their upscale apartment hotel in Cook County Hyde P...
Trip Wire
One World, Apr 2005, 12.95, 192 pp. ISBN: 0345447697 In Chicago Cassandra Perry cherishes her Aunt Ivy and Uncle Woody for taking her in almost ten years ago when her grandmother who raised her without love died. By 1968 the twenty years old Cassandra is mortified by the world she sees. Her cousin was murdered in front of her, assassinations have struck down two leaders, and recently the riots at the Democratic Convention have made her reconsid...