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Herland by Charlotte Perkins Gilman is an adventure story with feminist overtones. Three men go into the jungle to investigate the native people, where they come upon a tribe with a tale of a city totally made up of women. They find a beautiful city, with lush forests and beautiful creatures. After spending the night out in the forest, they meet three girls. They try to get more information out of the three girls, but they do not speak the same language....
The Yellow Wallpaper
The narrator begins her journal by marveling at the grandeur of the house and grounds her husband has taken for their summer vacation. She describes it in romantic terms as an aristocratic estate or even a haunted house and wonders how they were able to afford it, and why the house had been empty for so long. Her feeling that there is “something queer” about the situation leads her into a discussion of her illness—she is suffering from “nervous depressio...