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Fire Flight
John J. Nance Simon & Schuster, Nov 2003, 25.00, 368 pp. ISBN: 0743250508 Near West Yellowstone, Wyoming the fires are out of control. They threaten the two nearby popular National parks and the local populace. The National Forest Service is undermanned and the outlook is bleak. Air tanker fleet owner Jerry Stein knows they need more specialized help so he asks his friend former fire bomber pilot Clark Maxwell to join the fray, which he does. ...
Love and Country
Little, Brown, Oct 2003, 23.95, 276 pp. ISBN: 0316735000 Following a nasty divorce from her Air Force pilot husband, Lenna Swanson accompanied by her fourteen year old son Kenny moves to Idaho. Kenny's only interest lies in the rodeo. However, he acquiesces to his mom's plea to not participate until she completes her probation period at her new job so they can have health insurance to cover any injuries. Kenny's loneliness intensifies when his...