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George III: a Personal History
George III: a Personal History Christopher Hibbert Penguin, 1999 ISBN: 0140257373 Prince George of Wales was born in June 1738, two months prematurely, and at first he was not expected to survive. Ironically, he lived to be 81, the oldest King of England at his death to date. This biography paints a detailed, sympathetic portrait of his personal life and character. The boy who was left fatherless at the age of 14, dominated largely by his moth...
Queen Victoria: a Personal History
The first part of this book covers the 42 years from her birth to the death of her husband Albert, Prince Consort, including her parents (her father Edward, Duke of Kent, who died when she was only eight months old), her coronation, the grossly-mismanaged Flora Hastings scandal, the wedding, the Great Exhibition, and her troubled relationship with the Prince of Wales, 'the disappointing heir'. After she is widowed, the treatment becomes less strictly...