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Brisingr - Inheritance Cycle 3
The third part of Eragon's training to become one of the best dragon rider's of all time. Eragon, who was once a farmer, is now on his way to master the art of magic and dragon training. Picking up from the events of the previous book, Eragon, his dragon Saphira, and his cousin Roran make their way to Helgrind to rescue Roran's beloved Katrina. While observing the towering structure from afar, they notice a group of men pay their respects to the Ra'za...
Eragon was a farmer's nephew, when he found a mysterious stone in a forest called the Sine. Nobody wants anything to do with this stone. Finaly some strangers come to town looking for Eragon. Eragon is gone when the strangers reach his house so they burn it down and kill his uncle. The stone he found in the Spine turns out to be a dragon egg. He names his dragon Saphira and together they set out to avenge his dead uncle. Eragon leaves the dwarf...
"Eragon" is the first of Christopher Paolini's best-selling novels which he wrote while he was still a teen. it is a fantasy story based on the courage of one ordinary boy who was choisen to be the champion of justice and fight against evil so the good may triumph. The protagonist of the story is a young boy named Eragon. He is a poor farm kid whose family finds happiness in their simple lives. one day e stumbles upon a blue rock which he picks...