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Bud, Not Buddy
The year is 1936, and in the turbulent time of the Great Depression, Bud only knows two things for sure: he's going to find his father no matter what it takes, and he despises being called Buddy. Bud's mother has died, leaving him all alone in the world and stuck with an abusive foster family. With only a suitcase full of special things and his rules for becoming a better liar, Bud sets out to find the father he never knew... the only problem is, just wh...
The Watsons Go to Birmingham - 1963
Kenny and Byron are brothers and they don't get along. Byron is the oldest and is always mean to Kenny and Kenny hates it. Kenny is 10 years old. Byron is very bad. One day Byron put chemicals in his head and his mom almost burned his finger but his sister Joetta kept blowing the match out till there was no more. When the dad came home he cut all Byron's hair off and told him that he was going to stay in Birmingham for a whole year. Then they have a lit...