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Absolute Zero
Three city-slicker businessmen join ex-cop Phil Broker on a canoe trip across a remote lake in Minnesota. Broker suspects that his friend, Hank Sommer, is in a coma due to foul play. Sommer's wife, a former exotic dancer, is surrounded by a ring of dangerous men--all suspects in Broker's mind. The paths of all these characters cross in the wilderness. Broker must fight for answers and his very survival on the coldest night in Minnesota's history. ...
After the Rain
HarperCollins, Jul 2004, 24.95, 403 pp ISBN: 0060570180 Evidence surfaces that bombs have been smuggled from Canada to the heart of Minutemen Country Langdon, North Dakota. Not trusting the Headquarters Pogues after 9/11, Army Major Nina Pryce, ex-Special Forces Colonel Holland Wood and Jane Singer go undercover concentrating on the activities of liquor smuggler Ace Shuster. Though married to Nam veteran and retired cop Phil Broker, Nina is to ...
Vapor Trail
Harper Collins, April 2003, 24.95, 320 pp. ISBN 0060185732 Last year in Stillwater, Minnesota, elementary school teacher Ronald Dolman was put on trial for molesting six-year-old Tommy Horrigan but despite the overwhelming evidence against him, the jury voted to acquit him. Somebody took the law into their own hands and murdered Ronald, an action the media and the public approved of wholeheartedly calling him or her “The Saint”. A year later “T...