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Morrow, Oct 2004, 23.95, 250 pp. ISBN: 0060567058 In Sarasota, Florida, Lillian Belle Rosemary Cleary, junior partner at Smith, O'Leary, and Stanley law firm returns late to the office following a victory in her latest malpractice case involving a kayak whiplash accident. The win over her former boyfriend Newly makes the taste sweeter. In her company's parking, someone chokes her from behind. Though able to somewhat loosen the deadly hold, her...
Wildcat Wine
Morrow, May 2005, 23.95, 304 pp. ISBN: 0060567074 When farmer Dave comes to Sarasota lawyer Lillian Belle Rosemary Cleary with a truckload of Muscatine wine, he meets her legal secretary Bonita and her son Benny. Since Lilly is working, he takes Benny to look for jaguars in the Myakka River State park. The trip ends with Dave and his friend Waylon arrested for stealing the wine from his employer. Lilly hires Phillip Cohen to represent him and ...