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Epic Fail
A girl who moves to a new town must deal with the out of control teens at her new school. Elise Benton moves to California from the East Coast. When she attends her new school, she finds out that they are all out of control teenagers. Most of them are children of celebrities. Elise and her sisters are different than everyone at that school. They don't agree with the lifestyle of the other people. However, Elise's sister begins to like a popular boy n...
Same as It Never Was
St. Martin's, Apr 2003, 24.95, 352 pp. ISBN: 0312312490 UCLA junior Olivia Martin detests her extended family for honoring her with an advance degree in relational cynicism. Her mother is so pathetically immature that Olivia wonders whom raised who. Her father is so bossy, she wonders if anyone else is allowed oxygen when he is around. His second wife always defers to her royal husband on anything no matter how minuscule it seems. Finally, he...